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Love, Tradition and Creativity are the most important spices in Middle Eastern cuisine.


Maryam is a master of these three.


Born and raised in Iran, our beloved Kurkumama knows the secret meaning behind every ingredient of Middle Eastern culture. Now you know why every time one of our yummies arrives at your table, you can't help but feel the sudden urge of sharing it with those you love!



"Happiness is sharing what you love"


Inspired by his Kurkumama, Feysal is on a passionate mission to export Middle Eastern joy-sharing culture to the whole world! 

As a busy business-man, you will always find him hands-on-deck making something better, of course, whenever he is not stopping by your table with a huge smile.

"Keep it simple, get it done."


How we bring so many crazy, yummy plans to reality? Easy, we have Louis Ottevaere.


Our go-to executive powerhouse is a Belgian machine of getting our yummy plans done with precise attention to detail. Behind every cocktail, every dish and word of our staff there's a spark of Louis' bright leadership!

Can't stop thinking about us?

Here's the one to blame.

Born and raised in Mexico City, Moisés once shared a moment with his friends in Nude and his life was never the same.

Since that night, he has become our own sort of marketing savant, bringing his latino spice into every piece of content that lures you back into our yumminess.